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Instructure Announces General Availability of Arc Video Platform That Seamlessly Integrates With Canvas

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — 20 NOVEMBER, 2017 — Instructure (NYSE:INST), a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company and creator of the Canvas learning management systems (LMS), today announced the release of Arc, the next-generation online video platform that enhances learning by turning one-way, passive video into inclusive, productive discussion.

Unlike traditional video platforms, Arc was designed for students and instructors in both K-12 and higher education. Its innovative interface lets learners and instructors engage and interact with video content in real time by commenting directly on the video timeline.

Through this commenting feature, students can learn from each other's insights, as well as from the instructor's direction and feedback, providing a rich community for students to learn from one another. This two-way video functionality engages learners by transforming content from a statement into conversation.

"Many learners find it easy to become distracted while participating in video-based learning. For teachers, this can prove difficult when trying to understand the moments in which students disconnect with the material,"" said Troy Martin, Vice President APAC at Instructure. "Arc has been designed to help students retain information through its uniquely interactive approach to video-based learning. Teachers can now see how students are interacting with their materials and can adjust to optimise the learning experience."

Arc also provides unique and insightful analytics that allow instructors and administrators to quickly and easily analyse which videos students are watching, how long they're watching and when they stop watching. This information allows instructors to measure engagement with materials and optimise video content accordingly, to communicate critical information and increase retention and focus.

"Arc was a perfect solution for us. By leveraging its analytics tools, Haileybury has been able to deliver a personalised teaching approach, which allows us to monitor our students' behaviour and tailor our curriculum accordingly,"" said Lauren Sayers, Director of Learning Technologies at Haileybury, which is the first school in Australia to trial Arc. "In addition, the integration of Arc has also changed the way in which we deliver professional development. We have seen a 45 per cent rise in staff engagement for online learning and video content."

Arc's video platform is a natural addition to the Instructure suite of cloud-based online learning products and seamlessly integrates with Canvas, Instructure's open online LMS for K-12 and higher education that makes teaching and learning easier.

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Arc is a hands-on video platform that turns content into collaboration. Unlike most video platforms, Arc brings learners into the conversation by turning one-way lectures into inclusive discussions and sprawling comments sections into measurably deeper engagement with content. Arc also integrates seamlessly with Canvas, Instructure's powerful, intuitive learning management system.

Instructure, Inc. is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that makes software that makes people smarter. Instructure offers the cloud-based Canvas learning management system and Bridge, a cloud-based learning platform for corporations. Learn more at and


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